Satyajeet Nagargoje


I am a second year Masters student in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University, where I am a part of the Theory Group. I extremely fortunate to be advised by Alexander Golovnev.

I am interesed in Circuit Lower Bounds and Complexity theory broadly.

My current project includes lower bounds on ACC circuits.


328, St. Mary’s Hall 3700 Reservoir Rd NW Washington, DC 20057


Range Avoidance for Constant-Depth Circuits: Hardness and Algorithms.

Karthik Gajulapalli, Alexander Golovnev, Satyajeet Nagargoje, Sidhant Saraogi



I have been a TA to the following Courses:

Spring 2022: COSC 240- Introduction to Algorithms

Fall 2022: COSC 540- Graduate Algorithms

Spring 2023: COSC 240: Introduction to Algorithms (Ongoing)