Satyajeet Nagargoje


I am a first year PhD Student in the theory group at Georgetown University. Previously, I was a masters student at Georgetown University where I was and I am still fortunate to be advised by Alexander Golovnev. I also had the privilage to intern with Pooya Hatami as a masters student.

I am interesed in Circuit Lower Bounds and Complexity theory broadly.


Address: 342C, St. Mary’s Hall 3700 Reservoir Rd NW Washington, DC 20057


Hilbert Functions and Low-Degree Randomness Extractors
Alexander Golovnev, Zeyu Guo, Pooya Hatami, Satyajeet Nagargoje, Chao Yan
arxiv, ECCC RANDOM 2024

Range Avoidance for Constant-Depth Circuits: Hardness and Algorithms
Karthik Gajulapalli, Alexander Golovnev, Satyajeet Nagargoje, Sidhant Saraogi
arxiv RANDOM 2023


Circuit Lower Bounds via Substitutions


I have been a TA to the following Courses:

Fall 2023: COSC 1110-01- Math Methods for Computer Science

Spring 2022: COSC 240- Introduction to Algorithms

Fall 2022: COSC 540- Graduate Algorithms

Spring 2023: COSC 240: Introduction to Algorithms


Outside of work I do love to cook Indian food, hike, climb and bike.